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Financial Planning for Retirement: Employer Contributions to your 401K retirement Aug 19, 2022

Hi All!


Let's talk about employer contributions to our 401K, 403B or TSP accounts.

I'm not sure if HR departments can make it any more confusing than it already is!


Today we are going...

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Financial Planning for Retirement: What else about the 401K? retirement Aug 12, 2022

Hi All!

Let's go over some more 401K stuff.


Traditional 401K plan is pre tax. What does that mean?

Example: Let's say you contribute $100 a week to your 401K. Let's say it has been a tough...

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Financial Planning for Retirement: 401k! retirement Aug 05, 2022

Hi All!

Heidi here and we are going to be answering questions!

Our first question was "What is the history of the 401K?

Here we go!

In 1978 congress passed the 1978 Tax Revenue Act and part of it...

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Financial Planning 101: What's a Financial Journey? financial literacy Jul 29, 2022

Hi All!

Heidi here! Today I wanted to talk about what a financial journey looks like. Sometimes, I get the impression  that we think people go from living paycheck to paycheck to...

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Financial Planning 101: What is Financial Literacy? financial literacy Jul 24, 2022

Hi All!

I have to admit I am passionate about teaching financial literacy.

I have talked to a lot of people about money and they seem to feel helpless. They seem to think that there is no way...

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Why I started Moola Masters! moola masters Jul 02, 2022

Hi Everyone! Heidi here.

This is my first Moola Masters Blog post and I wanted to talk about why I started Moola Masters.

First a little about who I am. I was a "military brat" who grew up all over...

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