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The Art of Money: Negotiate for a Better Wallet

negotiate Jan 30, 2024


Negotiating might sound like a lot, but guess what? It can help your wallet.  Let's talk about how you can negotiate to a better wallet.

💰 Getting More Money: Ask for a Raise at Work

The inflation rate has been high for the past year or so, and our expenses have been increasing. It is important that, before you ask for a raise, you do some homework. Pull together a list of everything you have accomplished at work and then research what others earn in similar positions. After that, sit down with your boss and have a conversation. If you are undervalued at work and your boss isn't open to a pay raise, it is time to start looking for a business that will appreciate what you bring to the table!

🏦 Loans: Negotiating is the Name of the Game

Loans can feel like they are locked in stone. They aren't; savvy business people will always negotiate the terms of any loan. After all, negotiating for better terms is just like asking for a better deal. Imagine shopping for, well, anything; you would buy the first one you see without checking other prices, right? It's the same with loans. Check different lenders, ask about interest rates, and make sure you understand all the l. You might save a lot of money!

💳 The Bills: 

It may be hard to believe, but even your bills can be negotiated.

  • Call your credit card company and ask for a lower interest rate. 
  • Call your cell phone provider and see if a better deal is available.
  • Call the cable company and check out the current deals.


 🎓 Go ahead, learn to negotiate like a savvy business person, and then watch your wallet grow! 


🥳 To your financial growth!

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