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Are you struggling to manage your money? Do you feel overwhelmed by unexpected expenses? Join hundreds who have turned their financial life around with our step-by-step program.

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What You'll Learn:

Organize your Expenses:

Gain clarity on where your money goes.

Plan for the Future:

Set realistic financial goals and learn how to achieve them.

Emergency Fund Essentials:

Build a safety net that keeps you secure.

Calculate Your Mojo Number:

Understand your spending freedom each week.

Course Features:

Engaging Video Lessons:

Short, impactful tutorials that fit your busy life.

Downloadable Resources:

Checklists and templates to apply what you learn immediately.

Interactive Tools:

Play with numbers using our budget simulator and see potential savings instantly!

Start Mastering Your Money Today!

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Embark on a Transformative Financial Journey with Budgeting 101

Unlock the secrets to financial mastery with our comprehensive Budgeting 101 program. Designed to elevate your financial acumen, this course guides you through essential steps to take control of your money:

  • Organize Your Expenses: Learn to categorize and track your spending efficiently.
  • Prepare for the Unexpected: Build a solid plan to handle unforeseen expenses without stress.
  • Set and Achieve Financial Goals: Decide on and commit a portion of your income to achieve your dreams.
  • Discover Your Mojo Number: Uncover the magic number that will empower you to live comfortably and within your means.

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Start Mastering Your Money Today!

I just completed the Moola Master's Budgeting 101 Course! One of the best investments I've made to figure out where I spend my money. This short, inexpensive and effective course makes it easy and realistic to reach your goals. I've made adjustments to get to where I want to financially be. The spending plan and the discretionary spending was key and Eye Opening.👀👀👀 Moola Master also has a cool app to easily track your spend and keep you on track. I highly recommend  @heidimacvittie if you are ready to confront your spending quality of life and make it work for you! Become the "Master of Your Moola"!


I’m so thrilled to be working with Moola Masters! Heidi’s program made me feel very positive and excited about my financial future and comforted by having a plan. It's encouraging, easy to understand and she gave me some great out-of-the-box ideas!


I can't say enough about how helpful and lifesaving Heidi's financial advice has been to my financial well-being and success. Having never taken any finance or business courses before, when I started having a higher income, I knew next to nothing about managing my money, and thanks to her I have been successful at managing my money, stock portfolio and retirement accounts on my own. Its given me confidence that I will have a comfortable retirement and that I am making the right choices. She is thorough, incredibly smart, and practical with her advice. She explains everything clearly and concisely. I cannot thank her enough! 



Meet Dr. Heidi MacVittie

Hello! I'm Dr. Heidi MacVittie—your typical doctor turned financial guru. But let’s rewind a bit. I wasn’t always the finance-savvy doctor you see today. I grew up in a family that was barely making ends meet, and like many, I believed that a good education was my ticket out.

Fast forward through scholarships, medical school, and heaps of student debt, I was earning well but still financially stuck. It took me 15 years to realize that a good salary doesn’t guarantee financial freedom. That’s when I hit the books again, not for medicine this time, but for finance. I even earned a Master's in Finance to dig deeper.

From my struggles and studies, I crafted a straightforward strategy that not only cleared my debt but also allowed me to retire comfortably. The secret? It all came down to one number—the "Mojo Number."

Inspired to pass on what I learned, I founded Moola Masters. It’s not just a business; it’s a mission to empower you to take control and build the financial future you deserve!