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Money Mastery

You need it all. Finance 101, Budgeting 101 and Investing 101.  Save $20 when you purchase all three together. Here it is!

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Finance 101

Financial literacy is an important issue, unfortunately, most people never learned much about finances. This course will jump-start your knowledge and start your journey to financial literacy.

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Budgeting 101

It is time to make budgeting simple! This course will show you how to "chunk" your budget, pay off debt and build your emergency funds. Let's find YOUR Mojo Number!

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Investing 101

Investing... it sounds difficult and complicated...who has time? Let's break it down and make it easy!

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Your 6 Week Financial Bootcamp

I know the price is too low for everything you get. Can you imagine getting a series of concise 5-10 minute videos on each topic, all of the downloads and spreadsheets and you can access the information as often as you want? And on top of all that you get weekly group coaching calls for 6 weeks? 

We will take a deep dive into personal finance, make a budget, find your Mojo Number, learn about investing and you will create your own 5-year Financial Plan. Join us for the next Bootcamp!

Please keep in mind that there are only a limited number of slots every time we offer the Bootcamp. So get your name on the list for next time!

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Moola Coach

This program is about you and includes 12 weekly coaching calls. During these sessions, you and your coach will delve into your financial questionnaire, establish your goals, and craft a 5-year financial plan. By the end of each call, you'll clearly understand your monthly goals and personal "Mojo Number."

Following that, it's time to pinpoint your priorities. What specific aspects of your financial life do you want assistance with? Whether discussing long-term goals, exploring various types of investments, setting up different accounts, understanding retirement plans, implementing a budgeting program, or finding an accountability partner – we've got you covered! Let's embark on this journey together. You've got this!

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I'm Dr. Heidi MacVittie

I'm a doctor, a wife and a mother. But I didn't start out that way. I grew up a poor kid in a family that was just scrapping by.

I worked hard and got a scholarship for college and then went on to medical school. I'm sure you know that I must have racked up a lot of credit card and student loan debt for medical school and you would be right! I wasn't worried though, because I was going to make good money...right?

About 15 years later, I realized that making "good money" didn't mean financial security. My credit card debt was growing and my student loans weren't budging. I knew I had to do something to create financial security for my family.

I realized I had to learn about money and finances to get ahead financially. So I studies and researched and even got a Masters in Finance.

After all of that, I developed a simple, easy to follow strategy. I was able to pay off all my credit card debt, my student loans and retire!

This simple strategy revolved around one number. I call it the "Mojo Number".

I realized I needed to share this powerful tool so others could create the financial future they deserved. And so  Moola Masters was born with the goal of empowering you and others like you to create their own financial future!

Moola Masters has changed the “why” of budgeting, investing and building generational wealth for me. Heidi has always worked so passionately to make sure I was on track with my financial goals and decreasing my debt while investing in assets like stocks and real estate. This has been the best financial coaching experience. Heidi's insight into the financial world is amazing. Heidi is authentic, enthusiastic, down to earth and has great sense of humor!


I’m so thrilled to be working with Moola Masters! Heidi’s program made me feel very positive and excited about my financial future and comforted by having a plan. It's encouraging, easy to understand and she gave me some great out-of-the-box ideas!


I can't say enough about how helpful and lifesaving Heidi's financial advice has been to my financial well-being and success. Having never taken any finance or business courses before, when I started having a higher income, I knew next to nothing about managing my money, and thanks to her I have been successful at managing my money, stock portfolio and retirement accounts on my own. Its given me confidence that I will have a comfortable retirement and that I am making the right choices. She is thorough, incredibly smart, and practical with her advice. She explains everything clearly and concisely. I cannot thank her enough! 


Heidi helped me realize where my extra money was going and why I was having a hard time saving for my future. We put together a very easy plan that makes me excited for my financial future!


Truthfully, I have always been a bit of a risk taker, until one day I met with Dr. Heidi MacVittie discussing my financial future and someday a decision to retire comfortably. Heidi sat me down and had me list my assets and also all my day to day expenses. I was shocked at the waste and mismanagement of funds earning next to nothing with today’s interest rates. We discussed different ways of projecting a five-year plan of moving funds into growth adventures. Dr. Heidi MacVittie certainly helped me “Get My Bucks” in a row!!!