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Please be aware that Moola Masters is a financial coaching service and does not provide certified financial planning services or financial advice.

It is time to make budgeting simple! This course will show you how to "chunk" your budget, pay off debt and build your emergency funds. Let's find YOUR Mojo Number!

Finances 101

Finances can be overwhelming, intimidating and even embarrassing. Is it time to take control of your money? Enroll today!

In this class you will learn:

  • About the importance of your money mindset.
  • How to create a budget and a financial plan.
  • How to start investing.
  • How to protect your finances

Moola Masters is a financial coaching service and does not provide certified financial planning or financial advice.

What People Are Saying:

Moola Masters has changed the “why” of budgeting, investing and building generational wealth for me. Heidi has always worked so passionately to make sure I was on track with my financial goals and decreasing my debt while investing in assets like stocks and real estate. This has been the best financial coaching experience. Heidi's insight into the financial world is amazing. Heidi is authentic, enthusiastic, down to earth and has great sense of humor!


Truthfully, I have always been a bit of a risk taker, until one day I met with Dr. Heidi MacVittie discussing my financial future and someday a decision to retire comfortably. Heidi sat me down and had me list my assets and also all my day to day expenses. I was shocked at the waste and mismanagement of funds earning next to nothing with today’s interest rates. We discussed different ways of projecting a five-year plan of moving funds into growth adventures. Dr. Heidi MacVittie certainly helped me “Get My Bucks” in a row!!!