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Money: The College Edition is an online, digital course. As such, it is non-refundable once purchased.

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Money: The College Edition

Congratulations! You are onto the the step of your life!

Let's make sure you have the financial information you need.


Money: The College Edition is designed to:

  • Go over some Money Basics like: checking accounts, account reconciliation, watching out for predatory lenders and identity theft.
  • Learn how to create a budget. Moola Masters supplies the tools to help with the number crunching and create your plan. Let's find your Mojo Number!
  • Learn about types of debt and how credit scores are created.
  • Learn how to protect your financial assets.
  • Learn about investing.
  • Talk about your Money Mindset.
  • Moola Masters' Resources so you can continue your journey.

Moola Masters is a financial coaching service and does not provide certified financial planning services.